Nesting Squirrel in Home
Nesting Squirrel in Home

Squirrels in Crawlspace

Do you think you may have squirrels in the crawl space under your East Point home? You are not alone. It is a common problem in this area. In fact, squirrels are one of the most common nuisance animals in the country. They will seek shelter anywhere they can. Your attic and crawl spaces are perfect places for them to live. They can get in through very small spaces and will make small spaces bigger if necessary. If you are seeing an abundance of these creatures in your yard, in trees around your home, or on your roof they could definitely be using your home as shelter. If you are hearing noises from under your home, we can help. We start with an inspection and follow that with trapping, clean up and repairs.

Squirrel Trapping

We specialize in squirrel control and prevention and we will make sure we leave your property knowing that you will not have the problem again. We can handle all wildlife situations including bats, birds, rats, mice, snakes, raccoons, skunks, and many others including these fluffy tailed creatures. The process starts with the inspection. Then we set the humane traps and monitor them daily.

We seal any openings on the exterior of your home to ensure that the squirrels do not come back. Decontamination is next to make sure all harmful parasites, mites, and bacteria are not left behind. Finally, repairs are made to the damaged areas in the crawl space. This step may involve replacing insulation, wood, or even wiring. There may be damage to access points on the interior side as well. Our specialists can take care of the unwelcome pests so you can rest easy.

Technician Holding a Squirrel
One of our technicians Holding a Squirrel

Control and Prevention

We know that infestation whether it is squirrels or any other wildlife is something you do not want to deal with over and over again. At Xceptional our goal is to make sure that you will not have a repeat situation. Our methods are step-by-step solutions that will permanently solve the problem. All of our experts have extensive training and will make sure every step is done thoroughly. If you call us at the first sight of a problem we will do everything we can to stop the infestation before there are costly damages. Call our office for an appointment today.